chemtrails proven

I challenge you to debunk this proof of ‘the chemtrail program’ This is not a bullshit site of conspiracies and theories. It is direct and to the point.

Chemtrailing is affecting agriculture NOW. This is no coincidence. It is my belief this is the intended outcome. Living in a farming community, i see the damage done. Farm after farm failing. Since 2007 crops have struggled to survive whilst chemtrailing then became a heavy daily occurrence.


The Proof

Evidence that ‘something’ is happening cannot be denied or debunked after seeing the footage of old VHS VIDEO CASSETTES compared to footage of the same film available on todays DVD’s.

THE PROOF. Digitally inserted chemtrails into post 1990’s films  READ BELOW

No explanation needed.

This ‘conspiracy’ is not above our government. It is our government. The silence is harrowing to say the least.

Name that cloud
Name that cloud

Silver reflected sun
Silver reflected sun

Day after Day of overcast chemtrailed skies. No one wants their sunny days stolen.

Righto, this is bullshit. Chemtrails are a REAL FACT. Bullshit governments denying such practices. The best proving film to convince the idiots out there – find an old copy (vhs) of ‘last action hero 1993) not a single cloud or *ahem ‘contrail’ anywhere in this film. Just perfect sunny deep blue Californian skies. Now watch the latest dvd version and prepare for a shocker. It is fucking loaded with them. Talk about normalization. Did they re-film the movie in modern times. No, don’t be silly. Debunk this, assholes.

Before you come up with some sort of genius fucking answer, answer this- why do my family photo albums all throughout the decades (excluding 1998 to present) show not a single fucking ‘contrail’ or spasticated clouds. ???

add your comments below 

Does this look like A 'Condensation Trail'
Does this look like A ‘Condensation Trail’


4 thoughts on “chemtrails proven

  1. they want to own and industrialize all food production. chemtrails are a way of killing off private farming and agriculture. once the farmers sell up for a penny, the government will move in with their genetic seeds and have flourishing farms of poison to feed the masses. and profit tremendously


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